Mittwoch, 20. Juni 2007


After all this freaking funny stuff, the time hast come to settle down and become more serious.
Ghosts: Projection or reality? We don't know. I suppose, they are both, which is very funny because I can only prove it to myself, neither to you nor to anybody. Is it real, what I am feeling/seeing?
At the moment I'm reading constructionist articles assembled by Paul Watzlawick, who is a very nice autor too. My opinion on this: I sure constructed my reality. It's still under construction, because my goal is not only to have one the way I like, but also to seek for truth, which lies in the perception of the world of other people. And if there was a common sense in the statement: "We might see one thing, but there also might be something else", and I think there is, because of the weaknesses of the human perceptive system, then this blog would not be for nothing. Is it? How can I possibly dare say, my perception is in some ways better than yours? Haha! Maybe it's worse concerning the evolutionary purposes, but that's not the point.
I forgot the point. Whatever. Go on, do your thing or don't, as you like...I don't care! :)

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