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Seven Key Marketing Skills

1. Mailing/email list. This IS your business. Your ability to reach out and communicate with your list will often determine your income. Work tirelessly at building your list.

2. Contacting list - If you have a list and you aren't contacting those on it at least every month, how do you expect them to remember you? An uncontacted list is as good as no list at all.

3. Web Site - This is your marketing hub that communicates the value of your services. The better, the site, the more business you tend to get. Sites with poor content and design don't help much.

4. Marketing/Sales Pipeline - This indicates your marketing activity. The more activity, the more prospects in your pipeline. Networking, speaking, and publishing all work to fill the pipeline.

5. Appointments Set - This shows how good you are at follow-up activities and setting up appointments with prospects. This is the biggest fear of Independent Professionals. You must conquer it.

6. Appointment to Sales Ratio - This is a measure of your sales ability. If your closing rate is low, you need to work not only on sales skills but on attracting more qualified prospects.

7. Testimonials - This shows both your level of client satisfaction and your commitment to increasing that satisfaction. Remember, past clients are your best source for new clients.

No, these aren't the only indicators of marketing and selling success, but they are the key ones. If you want to survive in a down economy, let alone thrive, you need to constantly be working on implementing and improving these seven skills.

To summarize: Seven key marketing activities/skills:

1. Build your list
2. Contact your list regularly
3. Have a good web site
4. Engage in marketing activities
5. Follow up with prospects
6. Turn prospects into clients
7. Get stories from satisfied clients

The More Clients Bottom Line: None of this happens accidentally. It's time to go to work to implement these activities and to build your skills in these seven vital areas. Once you do, you'll have a solid marketing foundation that is recession proof.

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