Montag, 3. August 2009

My Overwhelming Frappant Experience

So, actually I had a shooting with Smotfog for the LergeSaga Movie in the frappant building, but then it was also exhition tiem! So I HAD to got there. And it was wonderful. This picture is unrelated



See, how it goes with window?

Beer unintended.

Hey ho, Gonzalo, how are your animations going?

Come into a room, see this...what do?
Posing in front of skulpture tiem!

He has it all figured out.

Remember Pirka from Komet?

Smotfog an Erde: Lebt noch jemand?


People chilling on the floor...... holding a string ?
I don't even know this guy.

All cool, see you later!

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