Sonntag, 14. Februar 2010

Fürst Falkenberg fights for Phönixhallen

This one is my favourite. Here's the link to what the title of this post is alluding to.

FrankfurtFuture - Frankfurt
...obligatory work in progress atmosphere...

I feel betrayed because of Achims earlier statement against huge glossy things. Is this meant to be postironic? Do not want.

Hungry painting is watching you...omnomnom.


This happens, when you glue your hand to an EMF- Meter

Frau Kraushaar. Anyway Falkenberg conducted a seminar last semester at the HfbK about "Kunst und Gegenmacht. Gegenmacht der Kunst"

And this is what it was like.^^

I liked it. And I'm still writing on the requested personal statement on how the relations between politics and art/artists should be if anyone was interested in my opinion.
My favourite Büttner-painting. I wonder, what parts of it he painted by himself.

I call this one : "On being an everlasting beta-version"
Test your intelligence: How many bikes had to die for this?

In the Falkenberg-castle you have giant chandeliers....

Jewellery...and there's even a tiny 2 m² dungeon.

Anne, drama student, channeling Louis XIV

The soup was delicious. Although a little less ginger would be great next time.

Ah...I forgot: There was also an exhibition about the Merve-Verlag.

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