Sonntag, 14. Februar 2010

Different place - Same Art

So, the next day, I went with my father driving us with his "evil bus" to Gängeviertel.
I was very surprised to see no difference to Falkenberg or anything, I had seen before.

I even recognized intruders: How and why did they get this from subvision-festival to this place?

As you can see, this art is definitly aiming for success.

"So ironic, it's not."

I really dig the graffiti and stuff...

But aside of things like these it doesn't seem very inventive...Am i being bitchy? I guess my period is coming up...No! Too much information.

You better get yourself one of those. "How do we know, they're biological?"

"I don't know. In eggs we trust?"

"If not, I kill you with the evil nose."

So this was Christine's project. Until someone took it over. That's the way it goes...

I had a little chat with Andreas in "Kunstleben" again.
It's good to see the progress, but please, guys, don't bore me too much.

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