Mittwoch, 3. Februar 2010

In honour of Ai Weiwei

Has anyone of you heard the news about Ai Weiwei? He is that blogger that jumped naked with a grass mud horse plushie. And he's got pretty beaten up.

Quoting Power-Predict/Komet from April 2008: What would happen if 81,757,600 german people revolted? Not much, I guess. But what would happen, if 1,338,612,968 chinese people stood up for their rights? A good few things, guys! If you still don't know, what I'm talking about, please research, I consider this as crucial for everybody.

This grass mud horse legend, with all its other baidu mythical animals is very interesting to me, because I am, as one or two of you might know, since some time now collecting those internet-creatures and painting them.

Especially for you I made a "Grass (P)Mud Horse" Level (2) in the LerkeGame, where you can, totally metaphorically, fight against or for censorship.

The "Forschungs - und Le[]rstelle (FuL) Kunst, Pädagogik, Psychoanalyse" at Uni Hamburg is searching for a similarly distinct mascot for their protests. Any suggestions?

Save the grass mud horse!

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