Mittwoch, 3. Februar 2010

"offon" at hafenrand

It's sooo slippy...everywhere in town, people fall on their butts. Like...constantly. Now imagine that. Did you know that gallerists get red marker points every birthday?
"Mafia? - Welcome to the Art Business"

These were inside some sort of circle made out of partition walls.

Those are rocket names. Dumb me thought it was about networking. I'm too young for this.
I see a far bit of clustering going on here. Explore randomness.
And merge it with coincidence
Equals Technocasso.

Anton invites for the 11. März von 19:00 bis 00:00 (Henning Tilp). It's his birthday. No gifts.

Artists: Oliver van den Berg, DAG,
Peter K. Koch, David Rhodes
Zu sehen bis: 6. März 2010

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